What Are the Components of an Energy Management System?

More and more companies are implementing energy management systems to improve their efficiency and decrease their running costs. Every good management system starts with a comprehensive energy policy that makes the goals and processes clear. At the heart of the system is a monitoring mechanism, which is used to highlight the circuits that consume too […]

How Do EV Charging Stations Work?

As electric vehicle technology continues to develop, more and more drivers are choosing this class of vehicles. One result of this increasing trend is the proliferation of EV charging stations, with many businesses offering EV amenities for their employees or customers. But how exactly do these charging stations work? We’ll answer this question and provide […]

What Are the Benefits of an LED Retrofit?

LED bulbs are more energy efficient, brighter, more versatile, and more long-lasting than their traditional counterparts. Despite this, many businesses and households are still using incandescent lights. Only around half the light sources in the world are LED. If you’d like to switch to a cheaper and more efficient lighting system, an LED retrofit could […]

EV Charging Stations

Millions of Americans are switching to electric vehicles because they would like to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle and reduce their dependence on fossil fuels. One of the biggest problems is that there aren’t yet enough EV charging stations around. Installing one at your business location could be a great way of attracting new […]

ROI for Rollouts

Companies that stick with consistent strategies tend to see the most success. Whether consistency is focused on branding or meeting safety regulations, working with an electrical company that can serve multiple needs is essential. This is particularly true if companies want to find success with national retail rollouts. Learn more about rollout ROI and the […]

Lighting FAQs: How Do You Know If Your Ballast Needs Replacement?

Ballast Lights

Have you noticed your fluorescent bulbs are on the fritz? The issue may not be with the bulbs themselves, but rather what’s running them — the electrical ballast. An electrical ballast is a crucial part of a light fixture as it regulates the current to the bulbs and keeps them running smoothly.

8 Benefits of Building an Energy Management System

An energy management system is a tool used by grid operators and businesses to continually track the energy of a building. It allows you to see exactly how much energy you use every hour and which devices consume how much. This helps you to analyze, control, and optimize each of your units, including your HVAC system, computers, lighting, fans, and pumps. Building an energy management system is crucial for large businesses such as hospitals or offices.

How Long Do LEDs Last?

If you’re considering an LED retrofit for your home or commercial space, you probably have a few questions about how long LEDs really last. You may have seen reports of LED lights lasting ten or even twenty years in the wild, but what does that really mean for you and your lighting project?

Do You Know the Difference Between the 3 Levels of EV Chargers?

As electric vehicles grow in popularity, many people still have questions about EV charging and how it will fit into their lives. This is further complicated by the fact that there are so many different types of chargers popping up and each of them looks slightly different at face value. The good news is, EV chargers are not as complicated as they look and can be broken down into three simple levels.

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