Repairing or Replacing Damaged or Broken Electrical Motors

As more devices become electric, electric motors have become far more commonplace. You likely already have several in your home, from the electric pump in your refrigerator to the garage door opener. However, there are many other applications for electric motors, both in homes and businesses. Electric motors can tilt solar panels, power ventilation systems, […]

Should Your Facility Install Surge Protection Devices?

Most facilities today rely on a steady source of electricity to keep a business running. However, if there is an electrical surge, you may run the risk of delaying your business operations. Fortunately, regular facility maintenance can ensure your electrical systems are updated and in good condition. Learn about how electrical maintenance and specific devices […]

Troubleshooting Electrical Problems in Appliances and Machinery

Problems with appliances and machinery can be extremely disruptive and cost companies thousands of dollars per day. The best way to resolve issues is to call a qualified electrician who has a lot of experience troubleshooting electrical problems. Because electricity can be dangerous, individuals who haven’t been properly trained shouldn’t attempt to fix issues on […]

What Should You Do If Your Building Has Flickering or Dimming Lights?

Flickering and dimming lights are usually harmless. They can be caused by faulty light bulbs, a mismatch between the bulbs and fittings, or a loose connection between plugs and sockets. However, they can also be the result of serious issues like faulty wiring or an overloaded circuit board. If you’re not sure what’s causing your […]