ROI for Rollouts

ROI for Rollouts

Companies that stick with consistent strategies tend to see the most success. Whether consistency is focused on branding or meeting safety regulations, working with an electrical company that can serve multiple needs is essential. This is particularly true if companies want to find success with national retail rollouts. Learn more about rollout ROI and the different forms rollouts can take.

ROI for Rollouts

In general, any time a company invests in itself, it can expect a certain level of return in the form of more customers, productivity, and profits. For certain rollout campaigns, the return on investment can be significant, especially when rollouts are synchronized nationwide. The ROI for national retail rollouts is typically high. Check out some of the steps of an effective rollout project:

Identify Local and National Needs

Research has found that emphasizing local marketing is a crucial part of an effective rollout strategy. Any time a company with multiple locations needs to design a rollout strategy, it’s a good idea to focus on local regulations and needs. For example, if one store is located in an area where there are new regulations about how signage is powered to reduce the carbon footprint, then the company should first focus on meeting those local needs.

Local needs should also be synchronized with national needs. Company decision-makers will need to identify the areas of business that need to be upgraded or redesigned to promote the company’s products or brand better. For some companies, this could be upgrading all signage to a new design to usher in a new era for the company.

Gain Customer Insight

During the planning stages for any type of rollout, companies will also need to conduct some market research to gain key customer insight. With the signage example, a company can gather customer opinions to redesign a sign that aligns with the customer’s idea of the company’s brand. This is an important step since an investment in a rollout project is often costly. By focusing on customer insight, companies can create a rollout strategy that is more likely to appeal to the customer directly.

Develop Packaging and Promotion

Finally, companies will need to focus on packaging and promotion for rollout projects. In addition to picking a timeless or trendy signage design, a company should also let customers know about the re-branding of the company. Promoting the project to upgrade signage in stores can have the two-fold benefit of actively promoting the company itself and appealing to new customers. This can be even more effective if companies can connect this promotion to a re-packaging of the brand’s culture or outlook.

What Are National Retail Rollouts?

National retail rollouts are any type of nationwide project that introduces new products, elements, or branding to a company. When companies work with electric service, rollouts typically focus on elements such as new signage, emergency lighting testing, retrofitting for reduced energy consumption, and electrical rewiring.

Additionally, national rollouts can be meant for public advertising or can be strategized to be more subtle depending on the company’s needs. For example, a company may not want to inform the public of new circuit installations since this will not affect the customer; on the other hand, it’s smart to make signage updates a buzz-worthy topic since this is something that will impact the customer’s impression of the company.


For companies that have dozens of stores, retrofitting all lighting fixtures at one time can be a way to give stores a simultaneous facelift. Retrofitting is usually done to replace fluorescent lighting with LED lighting and is very common for companies that want to reduce carbon consumption.

Not only is improving a company’s carbon footprint good for the environment and operational costs, but eco-conscious consumers may also find this appealing. Savvy business owners can leverage retrofitting to redesign the company’s brand, appeal to consumers who care about energy saving, and save money on brick-and-mortar locations all at the same time.

Circuit Installations

It’s important to verify that the circuitry in buildings is safe and secure. Although this type of project may not be widely advertised to the public, it is a project that should work closely with local governments to ensure all safety regulations are being met. Simultaneously updating circuits and wiring in buildings can be done on both small and large scales.

Emergency Lighting Testing

Whether a company wants to update emergency lighting or wants to ensure emergency lighting is working correctly, it’s important to maintain safety standards in all stores across the state or nation. An electric company can check that emergency lighting systems are functional and can even install new emergency lighting signage.

Signage Rollouts

For national rollouts, new signage is probably the most common project. New signage can have an incredible impact on a company. Not only will new signage communicate changes about a company’s brand to the customer, but it can also have a significant impact on ROI. After all, the signage for a company is one of the longest-lasting impressions a customer may have about a company.

How to Design Effective Signage

Some companies may want to recapture the glory of the past by creating a retro design or going back to the company’s roots, while other companies may want to focus on the future during signage re-designs. Ultimately, the design for a company’s new signage should match the company’s messaging and culture and should also mesh well with the packaging for any products the company sells. Some keys to designing effective signage include:


Legibility is essential for good signage. Apart from picking a good color scheme and font that is easy to read, good signage will also be free of unnecessary clutter. Signage that is too busy can be unappealing to the eye and may create an unnatural balance between the graphics and text. It’s usually best if new signage can somehow incorporate the company logo or motif in the text, but if this isn’t possible, then being choosy about the graphics around the text is smart.


Studies in psychology indicate that some color schemes are more effective for advertising than others. In particular, companies tend to find the most success when signage either features a single color or two contrasting colors. More than two or three colors can create too much visual stimulation, and colors that are not contrasting enough can make signage unmemorable.


The font is also crucial, especially because not all fonts are legible for all people. For example, many people have difficulty reading cursive, so it’s best to avoid using signage with only cursive font. Sans serif tends to be the easiest to read, especially since most people are used to reading sans serif font because websites use this type of font most often.

From updating signage for buildings across the nation to rolling out new lighting upgrades, a national rollout can have a significant return on investment. The best way to boost a company’s ROI for a rollout project is to create messaging about the project that also advertises the company’s brand or projects. Customer insight can also be used to leverage more interest and success in a rollout project. To learn more about effective national retail rollouts, get in touch with Legacy Electric today.

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