Why Electrical Repairs Can Bring a Great ROI in Just 1-2 Years

Virtually every company with a physical space, such as an office or a shop, has multiple electrical systems. They might include the lighting, the HVAC system, the network of computers, or other business equipment.

Why Electrical Repairs Can Bring a Great ROI in Just 1-2 Years

Virtually every company with a physical space, such as an office or a shop, has multiple electrical systems. They might include the lighting, the HVAC system, the network of computers, or other business equipment. To make sure everything stays in good condition and you don’t experience issues such as a power failure, hire a company to carry out regular inspections and electrical repairs.

Maintaining your system well is much cheaper in the long run because it allows you to save power, improve your employees’ working conditions, keep everyone safe, and comply with all local and national regulations. Read on to find out why repairs bring such a high ROI and how often your system should be inspected.

Why Electrical Repairs Can Bring a Great ROI in Just 1-2 Years

There’s no doubt that keeping electrical systems in good working order reduces your energy expenditure because your equipment will be more efficient. But there are other benefits to repairing small problems right away. Your company’s risk of a power failure or similar issue will be reduced, and the likelihood of a dangerous event like an electrical fire, which could harm your employees and customers, is significantly lower.

Safety Considerations

The most important reason why electrical appliances and systems always have to be repaired is that this can prevent dangerous conditions. If your employees or members of the public get injured while at your business, for example, due to an electrical fire or similar event, they can request compensation for their medical bills, loss of income, property damage, and emotional distress.

In some cases, the settlement can amount to hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars, putting your business at risk and ruining your reputation. By having electrical problems fixed as soon as they arise, you can protect your employees and customers and reduce the likelihood of a lawsuit that could put you out of business.

The Efficiency of Your Business

Many units and systems lose a lot of their efficiency over time, especially if they are not well-maintained. For example, your HVAC system might collect dust and debris over time, which need to be cleared out for maximum performance. It is estimated that an AC with a new air filter is 5-15% more efficient than one with a clogged filter.

If you use your AC and other electrical devices a lot, it’s likely that the cost of the replacement parts and repairs will be much lower than the cost of the energy you waste by not having your system fixed. This is especially true in the current market environment, since energy prices are very unstable and likely to rise further.

Energy Costs

It is estimated that energy prices have increased by 15-30% in most areas of the US. While the situation isn’t as bad as in Europe, this rise can cause serious issues for businesses, especially ones that use a lot of power, for example, factories, supermarkets, and medical facilities. Because many companies are also under a lot of financial pressure due to the Covid pandemic, high energy bills are predicted to lead to an increased number of permanent closures.

Getting your electrical appliances inspected and serviced often can help you to stay on top of your bills. Your electrical repair is a one-off cost that can reduce one of your biggest regular expenses in the long term and therefore produce a high ROI within a few months.

Preventing Power Failures and Other Disruptive Events

Companies in a wide variety of industries, including manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare, and construction, rely on their electrical equipment. If there was a power failure due to a faulty appliance or a problem with the electrical system, they would have to temporarily shut down operations. Each hour a company is not productive can cost thousands of dollars in lost profits.

What’s more, employee wages, rent, and other expenses still have to be paid, even if the company isn’t operational. Monitoring your electrical system and getting small problems repaired right away reduces your risk of a disruptive event such as a power failure.

Improving Employee Productivity

A great way of increasing your company’s profitability is by making sure that nothing prevents your employees from being as productive as possible. Having a fully functional electrical system is crucial for several reasons.

Firstly, it allows you to control the conditions within your building, including the temperature, the air quality, and the lighting. This is crucial because studies have shown that an adverse environment, such as a lack of fresh air, can have a detrimental effect on people’s ability to concentrate.

Additionally, your employees won’t have to deal with disruptions if all their equipment and devices are working well.

Complying with All Legal Requirements

In the US, there are certain rules and regulations when it comes to the workplace environment. Employers have to provide a safe and comfortable place for their workers to carry out their job, and they have to do everything in their power to prevent injuries and accidents. If you know that there is a problem at your company and you don’t carry out the necessary electrical repairs, you are at risk of a lawsuit.

As mentioned above, employees and customers who get injured on your premises can sue you for damages. However, they will only be successful if the incident is your fault and you could have prevented it. When you get your electrical units serviced and repaired by professionals, you’ll have a maintenance record, and if something happens, you can prove that you were not at fault.

Your Equipment Will Last Longer

A final advantage of regular service and repairs is that your equipment is likely to last much longer. Computers, HVAC systems, pumps, and refrigerators are much less likely to malfunction prematurely when they have been properly cared for.

Some studies have shown that a badly maintained HVAC system might break after 10 years, but the same equipment can last for 15 years when it is serviced regularly.

How Often Do I Need to Book Maintenance Appointments?

Now you’ve seen all the benefits of regular maintenance appointments and repairs, you might wonder how often you should ask your electrical specialists to visit your facility and carry out an inspection. In most cases, one appointment per year per device is enough, but you might need your technicians to come in several times. For example, your heating system might need to get inspected in autumn, while your air conditioning unit needs to be serviced in spring.

It’s also important to consider that the annual schedule is only a guideline, and it isn’t applicable to every business. For example, you might need more frequent maintenance appointments if your electrical system is on for more than 10 hours a day, it is very old, or you would lose a lot of money if it failed.

Electrical repairs can bring a high ROI within a few months or years because they help you to keep your company’s electrical systems efficient, and they make your workplace safer and more pleasant for your employees. Give us a call at Legacy Electric to book your maintenance appointment now. We will be happy to inspect your system and identify potential problems.

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